Amazon Equatorial Cooperation

Discover our mission and commitment to the defense of Human Rights, Nature and the well-being of the most vulnerable communities in the Amazon region.


Convinced that true sustainable development requires, on a global scale, solidarity, open-mindedness, awareness-raising and networking, we encourage exchanges, contacts and collaboration between different International Organizations, governmental and non-governmental, companies and individuals, to support, accompany and cooperate with all those who have one or different human, social, economic and scientific development projects. We wish to participate actively and effectively in the efforts of all those who, in local, regional and national communities, assume the responsibility of planning, carrying out and executing these development programs and projects, also respecting the rights and dignity of every human being. like nature and the environment.

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The Amazon Equatorial Cooperation Association is a Swiss non-profit non-governmental organization, legally constituted and registered with the Coordination of International Organizations of Switzerland and Geneva. Trabajamos activamente a favor de la defensa y el respeto de los Derechos Humanos, la Naturaleza y el medio ambiente, y particularmente velamos por el bienestar de las minorías más desfavorecidas en los países de la región amazónica. Para lograr nuestros objetivos, apoyamos varios programas y proyectos científicos y humanitarios de bienestar social.



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